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Confused People Don’t Buy

Confused People Don’t BuyCharles Snyder Raw #121.  So today I am looking at more local businesses and building a prospecting list.  Since Ann is still in the Philippines, I can’t pawn that chore off on her.  Interestingly enough, I see a lot of the same common marketing mistakes being made that I discussed last year.

Confused People Don't Buy - Charles Snyder Raw #121: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

The definition of insanity is…

So a lot of business owners and managers are still making the same mistakes, year in and year out. Anyone remember 15 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes, that was published in August 2017?  Can I get an amen?

Anyway, the main point I am making is that these common mistakes are costing you money.  So when your website has conflicting or no information on it, people get confused.  When your website doesn’t work at all, people look elsewhere.  And the bottom line is that confused people will never buy.

What do you want on your pizza?

For example, several times when I’ve spoken to large groups, I used the pizza analogy.  I would say to Ann, what do you want to eat for dinner?  She would almost always say something like – you pick.  And the next hour or three would be her not wanting to go to any of the places that I suggest.

No offense to women, but just about every living guy knows the pain which I am speaking of. It’s annoying and it can be downright damn frustrating to us guys. So it was for me at least because all I wanted was to eat something.

But the problem was, not in so many words, that I was giving Ann too many options to choose from. She just wanted me to pick a place to go and then she would make up her mind from there. So then I had an idea to use a concept I use when marketing and advertising.

Confused People Don’t Buy: my epiphany

So then I got smart – instead of asking her where she wanted to go, I would ask her what she wants on her pizza.  Since I took all of the confusing options out of the conversation, she would reply with her choice of toppings. And I would summon dinner within minutes of the first words of our conversation!

Did you just catch what I did there? Now when I want to take her out for dinner, the conversation is shorter but much more productive. Not to mention I get to eat a hell of a lot sooner than before!

In this analogy, the pizza is your offer, not your website.  Your website is a means of getting people to your offer, but it more often than not, it is a hindrance.  When your website has little or no useful information on it, that confuses people just as much as having too much info.  And as I say in the video, Confused People Don’t Buy!

Confused People Don’t BuyCharles Snyder Raw #121
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