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Facing Business Challenges

Facing Business ChallengesCharles Snyder Raw #15. So we all have our challenges and our hurdles we must overcome. Problems can pop up anywhere at any time and we must find a way through them. But what do you do when you’re pressed for time and your attention is divided?

Facing Business Challenges - Charles Snyder Raw #15: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!


So at the risk of sounding like I am complaining, here’s what I am facing. For example, I have a semi-operational website at the time I made this video. I also know that I need to create content as well as market my agency’s services.

Well, what do you do when you have several conflicting priorities?

Wisdom from an Air Force Drill Instructor

Way back in the 80s, I joined the U.S. Air Force. I went through boot camp and getting my head shaved, all that fun stuff. But I was having a hard time adjusting; it was a culture shock to me.

Anyway, even 30 years later, I remember what one of the Drill Instructors told me one time. Well, actually he was yelling in my face at the time and I wasn’t having a good day. He had just turned my locker inside-out, my bed upside down and I had to get it ready for inspection.

You just bought a giant shit-burger, Airman Snyder and you better eat it one bite at a time! I got my eye on you!

Staff Sergeant Snider

So to be honest with you, he actually used a whole lot more cuss words, but that’s not my point. What Staff Sergeant Snider was drilling into my head is; the only way to tackle complex problems is one step at a time. And that he cared about my success, so he would monitor my progress too.

Facing Business Challenges, one bite at a time

Regardless, the moral of the story is that you resolve challenges in business just like you do everything else; one step at a time. Of course, that also means that you need to set your priorities first. Or at the very least, make a checklist for yourself.

Additionally, even though I made some bad choices, there’s no rule or law that says that you can’t change it. For example, I’m now writing articles for all of our videos. But my priority is focusing more on marketing first, content second.

Facing Business ChallengesCharles Snyder Raw #15
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