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So much has been going on behinds the scenes here for the past month. I’m not even sure where to start with the latest June 2021 Updates. But I’ll try to stick to just the highlights this time around.

June 2021 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Making Stuff Happen!

As is usual, we did work on refreshing some of our older content this past month. However, the majority of that was in the form of updating our cornerstone content. Also, we put some more time into adding more SEO and link structure to said content. But a large portion of our time and effort has been on our flagship software and service, ROI Ninjas.

ROI Ninjas is coming very soon!

As we reveal in last month’s updates, our focus is on finishing up ROI Ninjas and launching it. While we technically did a soft launch of it last month, there’s still some work to do. But the funnel, the automation, and the triggers are all in place now. So what remains is finishing up all of the supporting and nurturing content sequences. And there’s a lot!

Additionally, we didn’t mention anything about this before, but we are happy to announce a new lead magnet in support of ROI Ninjas. The “ROI Ninjas: HVAC Marketing Master Guide” was published on 10 June 2021. But we only just finished building out the funnel for that.

Also, we still need to complete some fine-tuning, but as of the publishing of this article, that will be done too. Because I’m pushing to have everything in place for the 4th of July weekend. Which includes a major marketing campaign that is currently awaiting review.

June 2021 Updates: Beta-Testing ROI Ninjas

The remaining portion of 2021 is going to be even busier for us. Particularly July. Because we are getting closer to our hard launch of ROI Ninjas software and service. But our next phase of the rollout will be beta-testing the platform first.

So to recap, the next step we are taking will be the rollout of the HVAC Marketing Master Guide. Once the guide is out for a few weeks and all of the follow-up sequences are in place, ROI Ninjas will have a limited opening phase. This limited opening phase is what we are referring to as our beta-testing.

During this phase, we’ll have a better idea of how close we are to a full release, but for now, we are only looking for HVAC companies. As testing completes and we iron out any kinks, we’ll look at scaling things up from there. So watch for our ads and special announcements coming soon!

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