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BotNinja Became ROI Ninjas – Digital Marketing.

ROI Ninjas is on sale right now until November 30, 2021

PLEASE NOTE: This article replaces two, older articles related to BotNinja, titled Introducing BotNinja and BotNinja Huge Opportunities. Both previous articles and videos were a part of the Charles Snyder Raw series and have since been removed from our Digital Marketing Blog.

Back in 2017, we began experimenting with automation and messenger bots. So in mid-2018, we happily announced BotNinja as a service offering. However, we knew that there was so much more we could do with automation, machine learning, and for lack of a better term, Artificial Intelligence.

BotNinja Became ROI Ninjas - Digital Marketing by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC - Helping you get more customers!

ROI Ninjas is so much more!

Since then, ROI Ninjas SaaS has been in development, seeing its first public release back in July 2021. And we’ve been promoting it increasingly ever since. Because we are in the business of helping HVAC companies (as well as other small businesses), grow and be more efficient at making a profit.

BotNinja Became ROI Ninjas: the inherent problems

Initially, the service was only for Facebook Messenger and that was it. But then we began adding more automation and functionality to the system using services like Zapier, Google Sheets, and more. However, aside from being cool and effective, it still required a lot of time to set up, manage as well as monitor. It wasn’t very efficient.

Also, it required some form of external Customer Relationship Management platform to properly manage contacts and conversations. In addition, while this service did offer new opportunities for businesses, it did not integrate at all with Google Messenger. So it still required going to multiple websites to just manage all of your conversations.

A much better, efficient, and comprehensive solution

BotNinja Became ROI Ninjas because we knew we could do so much more. So we made it more powerful, added way more automation, and we made it cost-effective too. We’ve been adding so many features that a single article or video simply cannot capture all of them and the benefits.

But we promise that we are working on fixing that too. For example, the recent release of our first ROI Ninjas Demo Video, which shows just a really quick overview of the platform. Regardless, we are planning more to further demonstrate the key features and benefits for HVAC companies and just about any small business.

BotNinja Became ROI Ninjas: 5 key features and benefits of ROI Ninjas

  • User-Friendly Dashboard – The first thing you see when you log into the ROI Ninjas app is your dashboard. At the top of the fold you will see vital information such as the number of opportunities, your pipeline value, and your conversion rate. Also, you’ll see any pending tasks, analytics, and so much more.
  • Flexible Form Builder – Build custom forms with our incredibly easy, drag-and-drop form builder. Save your custom forms for later use in the powerful website builder or grab the code to embed it on existing websites and pages.
  • Powerful Website Builder – Build landing pages, websites, micro-site, and so much more. But you don’t need to know how to program and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to hire a web designer. It’s all drag-and-drop to create your own unique look or modify one of our templates.
  • Unified Communications – Take control of conversations with your leads and customers, all in one place. Email, text messages, social media, form submissions, and even all of your phone calls too. Also, you can record calls between your staff and your customers for training purposes and more.
  • Smart Automation – Save a lot of time and money by automating your success. Our system uses advanced machine learning algorithms to learn and adapt to your growing business needs. All you have to do is set your desired conditions and results, ROI Ninjas takes care of the rest.

ROI Ninjas SaaS Super Sale

Right now and only until 30 November 2021, ROI Ninjas SaaS is on sale. We are authorizing no more than 100 Marketing Relief Vouchers on a first-come, first-serve basis during this sale. So you better hurry if you want to save up to $3,000 off of an annual subscription.

But there is also a special bonus offer that is only available to those who claim their Relief Voucher before 30 November 2021. This incredibly insane super-duper deal will only be available to the first ten businesses that secure their annual subscription to ROI Ninjas. Only those ten businesses will have an opportunity to purchase a lifetime subscription, saving a whopping amount of money.

But you have to secure your subscription first to see this incredible money-saving offer. You won’t find another incredible value like this anywhere else!

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