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I Am The Marketing Ninja

I Am The Marketing NinjaMy Personal Brand #11. So far in this series, I share some things that answer a few basic questions. Since my initial episode, I talk about who I am, what I stand for and what I am opposed to. I even reveal some of my recent wins as well as a few embarrassing things.

I Am The Marketing Ninja by Charles E. Snyder III, CEO of C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Establishing My Authority

But just in case you missed some of them, here is a list of episodes in order of publishing so far:

  1. Who Is Charles Snyder
  2. Being Shy Means Being Broke
  3. Branding Inspiration
  4. Stuff Will Break
  5. My Salute To Veterans
  6. I’m Angry Today
  7. Creating My Future
  8. Developing My Brand
  9. My Personal Slogan
  10. Reflection Time

However, one thing that I haven’t done yet is to drop some serious knowledge-nuggets. Since one of my goals is dousing you with marketing wisdom, it’s time for me to change gears. So here is how you establish yourself as an authority (just as I am doing here), within your industry.

Marketing like a boss

First, when I meet with a new client, I dig deep to find out what their goals are and what matters most to them. Without this information on their processes, people and goals, you’ll be operating in a vacuum. So one of the first steps is defining who their ideal customer is.

To learn more about ideal customers, please see articles and videos, such as these:

I put a lot of emphasis on developing customer avatars because this is probably the single biggest concern. Far too often, I see people making the mistake of trying to be everything to everyone. I’m guilty of it too, but the sad reality is that it doesn’t work. Get super-specific for better results.

I Am The Marketing Ninja

So if I may be honest with you, I get a LOT of resistance on this point. It seems counter-intuitive to the mindset of entrepreneurs. I struggled long and hard with this too. But when I finally started narrowing my focus, I got better and better results!

Additionally, niching-down has also made creating marketing and ads a lot easier. Content-creation takes a fraction of the time it used to for ad copy, email campaigns and blogging too. So if you are anything like me, saving time on crafting messages that produce better results is a good thing.

Regardless, what makes me ‘ninja’ is these little changes in perspective and thinking. For example, over two years ago I started using that principle in my own business. I talk about it in my article and video, How To Find Customers Online – 5 Minutes With Charles #42.

So ask yourself, if you are struggling with getting more customers, how many can you realistically handle? Ten? One hundred? A thousand? Seriously, there is something like 300 million people in the U.S. alone, why are you trying to be everything to them? Why waste your time like that?

My most valuable point of all

Relevancy affects advertising costs: I Am The Marketing Ninja!
Relevancy affects advertising costs: I Am The Marketing Ninja!

So here is my super-secret-sauce that I don’t think I’ve ever went over, in detail before. In a nutshell, when you narrow your focus and niche-down into your market, your ad-spend dollars go much further. Since you’re message and targeting are more focused, every ad dollar produces a lot more results!

Yes, you read that correctly; when you get focused, your ads, offers, etc. get seen by more people that WANT to see it. So then your ads get seen by a lot more people that will be interested. More interested people mean that your ads get more comments, likes, shares, and click-throughs.

As a result of that higher interest and interaction with your ads, your relevancy way goes up. When your relevancy goes up, your cost per view or click goes down. But most important of all, when your costs go down, your ad dollars go even further. You’re getting even more views and clicks and generally speaking, sales too.

Also, this is what I mean by the term ‘ninja.’ It’s smart marketing and few of the so-called ‘gurus’ even talk about this.

Facebook is in the business of making money

All social media platforms are in the business of making money. Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, literally all of them. So if you have Agency A, Business B, and Company C all run the same ads to the same audience for $1 each, which ad gets shown?

It’s hard to say, but let’s look at what’s going on behind the scenes. So for this example, we’ll say that:

  • Agency A gets 100+ likes, shares, comments, and clicks.
  • Business B gets 10 likes, shares, etc.
  • And Company C doesn’t get any love.

Which advertiser do you think is going to get the preferential treatment?

Facebook and Google are going to show Agency A’s ad to as many people as possible. Business B will get shown too but to fewer people. Company C’s ad will only get shown to a few people at the highest costs or may not get shown at all. The higher the relevancy of an ad, the lower the costs.

Relevancy is everything! And the more defined your target audience is, the better the chance that your offer is going to be highly relevant. I’ve had ads with high relevancy scores that cost less than twenty-five cents per click!

$.22 per engagement Facebook ad by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC
$.22 per engagement Facebook ads by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC
I Am The Marketing NinjaMy Personal Brand #11

Do something about it

I don’t normally do this, but here I am going to give you a CTA. So yes, CTA stands for Call To Action, but I’m adding some additional meaning here. You have two choices; keep doing what you’re doing and wondering if things will ever get better. Or you can:

  • Cancel all fear
  • Take immediate action
  • And make a powerful change in your business!

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