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My Personal Slogan

My Personal SloganMy Personal Brand #9. Since I published Creating My Future – My Personal Brand #7, I can’t get those images out of my mind. But even more awe-inspiring is the concept behind my vision of a stadium full of happy people. What I mean is the root reason why they are having a great time and cheering.

My Personal Slogan - My Personal Brand #9 by Charles E. Snyder III, CEO of C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Entertain, Educate, Empower!

So that’s my ambition in a nutshell. It’s my driving force behind all that I do, much like I reveal in Our Why series of articles and videos. But I feel the most important part of that is what I discuss here. Please read on and watch my video.

I’m not like other ‘gurus’

Can I share a quick story with you? Last week I got into a debate with one of these so-called, Internet Gurus. And let me also just say up-front, that I do NOT want to be associated with most of them. My agency and I are not even in the same category, for many reasons.

Anyway, the fight got started when this guy asked a question and I gave a truthful answer. He asked, “Massive action is useless unless you have this one thing; what is it?” My answer was as simple as I could make it; sales.

So here I will cut right to the chase with this; he insists that all someone needs is vision. He’s dead wrong, here’s why. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 66% of all businesses fail and the #1 reason is a lack of sales. Not a lack of vision or clarity, that didn’t even make the list.

Look, people lie and a lot of ‘gurus’ are misleading, but the numbers tell the truth. So basically he’s saying, having a clear idea that if your car won’t start, you’ll figure out a way to magically fix it. Complete nonsense.

We demonstrate value first

Unlike the knucklehead mentioned above, I make every attempt to demonstrate value before anything else. That’s also why My Personal Slogan is “Entertain, Educate and Empower!” For example, I created the following educational and entertaining content to help people:

All of our content is about helping people develop the marketing and sales skills they need to achieve their dreams. Whatever those dreams may be. That’s why I put a lot of emphasis on being entertaining while teaching. Last but not least, I especially focus on empowering clients to achieve more.

So instead of the typical “blah-blah-blah, look at me, I’m great” style, we go the opposite way and demonstrate our greatness. Skeptical? Just check out any of our 250+ articles and videos. Or you can follow Mr. Magical Vision Dude and still end up having to Google me to learn something useful.

My Personal SloganMy Personal Brand #9
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