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How To Find Customers Online

How To Find Customers Online5 Minutes With Charles #42. Some small businesses are struggling to stay open past the end of each month. They are living hand to mouth and money is always tight. Because finding enough new leads and generating more sales doesn’t come easy for them.

How To Find Customers Online - 5 Minutes With Charles #42 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Get off of the rollercoaster!

So is there a secret to finding and attracting more customers? Do you want to break the never-ending cycle of ups and downs each month? But are you fed-up enough to do something about it yet?

If your answer is “yes” to all three questions, then pay attention to this…

Narrow down to scale up

First of all, the biggest secret to finding more customers and closing more sales, is that there is no secret. But you do have to open up your mind and do the work. Because nothing good is going to happen until you wrap your mind around that one glaring truth.

Secondly, you have to narrow down your focus into one niche. So for example, saying that you fix cars isn’t going to get you anywhere. Because you have to be specific like saying that you fix imported cars or you specialize in classics. However, the same concept applies to every industry there is.

In summary, you have to be very specific as to who your audience is. But the more specific you get, the more likely it is that someone is going to want to buy from you. So it may seem to be counter-intuitive to you, but it will work.

How To Find Customers Online: just do it!

Since I’m a lot better at marketing and sales than I was 30 years ago, most people overlook I was once in their shoes too. Because I was hard-headed and stubborn, I didn’t want to listen to those that have a better understanding. But if I did, and how I wish I did listen, I would be in a much better place now. So don’t make the same mistake!

Here are some additional resources to help you narrow your focus and attract more leads:

How To Find Customers Online5 Minutes With Charles #42
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