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Stop Batman Bullfighting

Stop Batman BullfightingCharles Snyder Raw #142. No seriously, stop marketing like you’re wearing a Batman costume in a bullfight. I have been in initial consultations with dozens of business owners and entrepreneurs since the beginning of the new year. And one common error I have seen is that most seem to have a few misconceptions about marketing.

Stop Batman Bullfighting - Charles Snyder Raw #142: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Batman and marketing?

Specifically, I am often dispelling the notion that you can get high-ticket customers on a low-ticket (or no-ticket) budget. Well OK, maybe you can if your business is a household name like Coke or Chrysler. But even those billion-dollar businesses spend millions of dollars on marketing every year.

Why is that?

Because they know that getting more customers without investing in marketing is a lot like bullfighting while dressed as Batman. You might get some laughs, but it will almost certainly end in a bloody disaster. So ask yourself this; would you rather get some customers or be a rodeo clown?

Smart money says you want more customers

I’m willing to bet that you are smart; I mean, after all, you’re reading this. So smart business owners and marketers know to invest money into getting more customers. Because they also know that customers don’t just magically appear out of thin air.

Just like I share with you in our recent blog article and video with the title, Social Media Marketing.

But even saying that doesn’t mean that there is perspective to go along with that realization. Particularly when it comes to having an adequate budget for marketing. So maybe that’s my own fault too, for not setting that expectation early on.

Regardless, I aim to dispell that misconception right here and now.

Customer acquisition costs money

So by now, you may have noticed that I have mentioned “investing” in marketing a few times. Since most businesses, including mine, are not household names like Coke or Chrysler, you have to build distribution. But what is distribution and why does it matter?

Distribution is simply defined as your list. A list of names, emails and phone numbers that you can use at a moment notice to send out an email or make a phone call to sell your shit. So just keep in mind that all fame is manufactured. Just ask the record and movie labels.

So how big is your list? Do you have 10,000 contacts? 100,000 names, email addresses, and phone numbers? 1,000,000 or more? Do you have any?

If not, you have to pay for access to someone else’s list like Facebook, Google, or Yellow Pages. And having access to their lists costs money! Some cost a lot more than others. But having the tools to capture your own list costs money as well!

Because sooner or later, referrals will dry up and they are never consistent.

Stop Batman Bullfighting: a reality check

Hopefully, these bullet points will put things into perspective:

  • I invest, on average, $12,000 annually to learn everything I can about Digital Marketing, social media, automation, etc.
  • Another investment I make in my Digital Marketing Agency is approximately $7,000 for software and services each year.
  • We spend an average of $2,500 or more per month on marketing and ads with Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.
  • By December 2020, we are on track to be managing an average of $10,000 monthly on ad spend budgets for our customers.
  • In 2019, our clients invested an average of $750 plus ad spend monthly for our services.

So please let me paint a picture for you. If you had a sure way to turn $1 into $3, how much would you put into that investment? Would you only try to invest $1 or $1,000? Or would you find a way to invest even more?

P.S. If you’re smart like me, you would do whatever it takes to feed that money-making machine. And all you need to do is have a conversation with us and a minimum of $1,000 monthly to invest in your peace of mind. So no more excuses, check out our Digital Marketing Services to learn more or set up a conversation with Charles today!

Stop Batman BullfightingCharles Snyder Raw #142
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