Ow My Ankle

Ow My Ankle

Ow, My AnkleCharles Snyder Raw #59.  So I’m on my daily walk earlier today and I think I twisted my ankle.  My ankle is about the size of a softball and it hurts like hell too. But today’s article and video is more than me just complaining about my ankle.

Ow, My Ankle - Charles Snyder Raw #59 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

But anyway…

Since I napped most of the afternoon away, I decided to get back up and get this video done.  So I also talk about a few other things that are on my top priority list for this weekend.  See, I told you this wasn’t going to be entirely about my sore, achy, tender ankle.

My weekend agenda

Going into this weekend, I am looking long and hard at where we at with our FREE Marketing Readiness Worksheet. So my plan is to get it done and publish it already. Which means I have some work to do this weekend.

But it’s sometimes easier said than done. So I’m doing my best to not fall into the deception of perfection. Kind of like I talk about in Perfection Is Deception – Charles Snyder Raw #20. Even though I know it’s a trap, I still find myself struggling with that illusion from time to time.

As a result, I sometimes have to take a step or two back and ask myself the following questions:

  • Is this really going to make a difference in my business?
  • Will the changes justify the delay in generating leads/sales?
  • Can I achieve the same results anyway?

Since I did the same here with our current project, the answers to my questions were mostly no. So now it’s time to get back to work and make stuff happen!

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Ow, My AnkleCharles Snyder Raw #59

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