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More Thoughts On Facebook

More Thoughts On FacebookCharles Snyder Raw #48.  So the frenzy over Facebook pulling third-party advertising continued over the weekend and into today. Since Facebook announced that October 1, 2018, will be the day that everything changes (again). You would think that the world was coming to an apocalyptic end.

More Thoughts On Facebook - Charles Snyder Raw  #48: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Everything changes!

But now some experts are coming right out and stating that there is no need to panic. All of which has made the Facebook Frenzy even more confusing for most people.  Since there are more than a few so-called experts calling for a movement away from Facebook.

Here are my thoughts on this nonsense

First and foremost, let’s get right to the point; when it comes to technology, the only constant is that everything is changing. So the same applies to digital marketing and online advertisements. Since there are literally more changes and new techniques popping up every day.

Facebook is a technology that is always changing. Just within the past few years there have been dozens of small and a few major ones that come to my mind. Here are just a fraction that I have discussed:

And those posts represent a little less than half of the examples just in the past three months!

More Thoughts On Facebook: summary

Anyway, basically in this video, I discuss these changes coming for Facebook advertisers. Also, I talk about the fact that some people are calling for a mass movement away from Facebook. I want to know, to what?

In summary, a lot of people are upset that things are changing yet again. They are crying about Cambridge Analytica, now they are crying because Facebook is doing something about it.

So what, you can’t have it both ways! Everything changes and nothing ever stays the same. Since that is our reality, you have just two choices; deal with it, or get left behind.

More Thoughts On FacebookCharles Snyder Raw #48
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