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Stop Whining About Facebook

Stop Whining About Facebook5 Minutes With Charles #41. Love it or hate it, Facebook is changing once again. So the reality is that you can use this to your advantage or you can cry into your coffee. But group after group, page feed, and so on you will find all sorts of people complaining about it.

Stop Whining About Facebook - 5 Minutes With Charles #41 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

You can do something about it…

People are in an uproar, but is it really that big of a surprise? It shouldn’t be, to be honest with you. A lot of people, meaning your potential customers, are fed up with their feeds overflowing with crap. So thousands of people have been complaining about the junk they are constantly being spammed with.

And Facebook has finally done something about it. So if you’re in the dark, check out the previous article and video – Facebook Kills Organic Reach.

Are you threatening us with a good time?

One popular public figure is supposedly putting together a class-action lawsuit against Facebook. Another has made threats of leaving Facebook altogether. However, the most laughable thing is the droves of mediocre hacks vowing to never spend a penny on advertising.

LOL, promise?

Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Gone are the days when your feeds are filled with douchey car videos, crappy offers, and the tidal wave of lame, uninteresting content. Because the reality is that people get on Facebook to relax, chat with family or friends, and find some entertainment.

Stop Whining About Facebook: do something about it!

So you have just two choices today; you can keep complaining or you can use this opportunity to your advantage. Yes, organic reach is dead. Also, yes the price of advertising is going to go up. Because Facebook is a business and they are in it to make money too.

However, once you understand that, you are in the right frame of mind to make a win for your business. You just have to realize that it’s a game and FB makes the rules. Because they don’t want to make it impossible for businesses to advertise; that’s how they make their money.

Stop Whining About Facebook5 Minutes With Charles #41
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