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Kidney Stones Suck!

Kidney Stones SuckCharles Snyder Raw #133.  So as the title suggests, I have kidney stones and yes, they suck.  I admit to possibly having a bladder infection last week, but the pain got so bad, I ended up in the emergency room.  Thursday I was feeling much better, but by Friday night I was feeling way, way worse.

Since enough was enough, I drove myself to the clinic just in time to nearly pass out once I got there Saturday morning.

Kidney Stones Suck - Charles Snyder Raw #133: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!


Anyway, that’s not the whole topic for today, I actually talk about business and marketing too.  In fact, I am sharing why the frequency of this series is being greatly reduced.  Well, I will just let the cat out of the bag here – we’re looking to grow and to do it much faster.

Here’s my game plan

So for my agency to do that, I need to focus a lot more time on marketing and sales.  My goal is to also eliminate a lot of similar content in favor of producing more value for you. Which also means fewer of these “Raw” articles and videos moving forward.

First, for my agency to grow, I need to bring on more customers and complete some Digital Marketing Case Studies.  In that article, I talk about creating case studies in more detail.  Also, I connect the dots so to say, by adding some comments about why I am doing this.

The short-short version is that I need to sacrifice making these daily videos in favor of prospecting. And prospecting takes a lot of time, so we are ramping up our marketing too.

Secondly, I talk about our offer (which has expired at the end of 2018) and that it’s already been seen by more than 15,000 visitors.  I was planning to only accept 10 for the offer and create solid case studies out of them.  Of course, providing incredible value so that we retain those businesses as customers was also part of goal.

2020 Update

As of September 2020, the special offer mentioned in the video is no longer available. Surprisingly, there was a lot of interest, but only a handful had the courage to do something about getting more customers. As a result, the offer was taken down a few days before New Year’s Eve 2018.

However, for anyone interested in learning more about our services, I invite you to visit our Digital Marketing Services page. Or if you just want to make shit happen now, let’s have a conversation about your business by Clicking Here Now!

Kidney Stones SuckCharles Snyder Raw #133
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