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50th Special Episode

50th Special EpisodeCharles Snyder Raw #47. So this is supposed to be a special edition of this series of videos, but it got lost somehow. I’m not sure if it was part of the disaster last year on Thanksgiving day or what. But, my agency website was in shambles and we lost several articles.

50th Special Episode - Charles Snyder Raw #47: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Technically, this is #50.

Anyway, there were technically 49 articles and videos before this one, but I did lose three. When I was in California last month, my laptop crashed and it took my backup drive with it. But I was able to recover almost everything, except for those last three articles and videos that I made.

I cover most of that in Data Recovery – Charles Snyder Raw #28. If you are curious about how I was able to save almost all of my work.

Regardless, today is a milestone

So yesterday I turned fifty years old and I am reflecting on where I have been as well as where I am going. I am also thinking about some of the good friends I have lost along the way. Especially my best friend, David “Big D” Miller; he would have been fifty years old today.

Dedicated to my best friend, David M. Miller
Dedicated to my best friend, David M. Miller

However, I am pumped about my birthday yesterday, hitting this milestone today and so on. I’m excited about the future like marrying Ann, reaching my business goals, etc. Plus I’m talking to more business owners now, so I’m gaining some traction with my business too.

50th Special Episode: thank you!

First, I want to thank everybody for the amazing amount of birthday wishes, I sincerely appreciate you! I am flattered and humbled by the sheer number of messages, email, phone calls, and posts on social media I received these past few days. Thanks for making my day a memorable one!

Additionally, while I do look rough and worn out in the video today, I feel good. Admittedly, I am feeling sleepy because Ann and I were talking for several hours late last night. She was wishing me a happy birthday, several times, so like I said it’s a good sleepy feeling.

50th Special EpisodeCharles Snyder Raw #47
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