50th Special Episode

50th Special Episode

50th Special EpisodeCharles Snyder Raw #50. So this is supposed to be a special edition of this series of videos, but it got lost somehow. I’m not sure if it was part of the mishap last year on Thanksgiving that wrecked my agency website or maybe an oversight. Since I did lose some articles in the process of recovering our site, it may have been a casualty then too. Either way, as I was going through our content, I seen #50 was missing.

50th Special Episode - Charles Snyder Raw #50 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

And a bad hair day!

So obviously I found it and here is the video, but I cannot find the original article that I published with it. Since I’m not finding it, here is my take after watching the video again. And yes, I’m looking pretty tired and rough in the video…lol

First, thanks for all the birthday wishes!

First thing is first, I want to thank everybody for the amazing amount of birthday wishes, I sincerely appreciate you! I am flattered and humbled by the sheer number of messages, email, phone calls and posts on social media I received these past couple of days.

So another thing on my mind is that today, 31 March 2018, would have been my best friend’s birthday. I think we met when we were 5 years old, played little league baseball together, football, etc. and became friends. We went to the same high school, belonged to the same volunteer fire department and we hung out a lot. David ‘Big-D’ Miller was my best friend, but he passed away in January 2013 from a massive heart attack.

Anyway, while his death still weighs on my mind this time of year, I’m very grateful for the friends that are still here. I’m especially grateful for all the birthday messages, which is what this video is all about.

50th Special EpisodeCharles Snyder Raw #50

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