Commit To Consistency

Commit To Consistency

Commit to ConsistencyCharles Snyder Raw #57.  So far today, there has been a lot of great learning, it is “Training Tuesday” for me.  But since I have been less than disciplined with video production lately, I address that today.  For any business, yours or mine, consistency is directly related to our level of realized material successes.

Commit to Consistency - Charles Snyder Raw #57 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

I’m guilty of it some days…

So in other words, I am talking about those things we know we SHOULD be doing, but don’t always do. Which can be anything from creating some new content to answering emails. Or maybe yours is something in between like making sales calls.

How to keep your eye on the ball

For me personally, one of the biggest things I absolutely hate doing is cold-calling. I believe it is hands-down a tremendous waste of time and effort. So I very much loathe the times when I must do it.

As a result, it is draining every time I have to make cold-calls. Since cold-calling is not passive, it saps your energy anyway. And if you doubt my assessment so far, let me ask you this; when was the last time you were happy about a telemarketer calling you? The second Tuesday of never?

So there has to be something else there to fuel your fire. For me, that fuel and even the fire comes from my drive to grow our agency. In other words, I know that I must sometimes cold-call in order to grow my business. And my business must grow in order to realize the material successes I want.

In summary, sometimes you have to do stuff you don’t like in order to get the things that you want. For me, that is finding more clients to grow and scale my agency. In order to do that, some times that means I also need to do some cold-calling.

So what is yours? What do you realize you should be doing in your business, but avoid if you can?

Commit to ConsistencyCharles Snyder Raw #57

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