Not A Damn Penny

Not A Damn Penny

Not A Damn PennyCharles Snyder Raw #89.  Since I started this, we have been receiving a lot of questions on Quora lately. So today I take another question about buying back-links and address it. Simple enough, right?

Not A Damn Penny - Charles Snyder Raw #89 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Is there a better way?

So the original question sent to us goes like this:

“How much would you pay to get a backlink on a premium website for SEO purposes?”

Angelo Z.

My answer is simple and sweet, Not A Damn Penny.  Newsflash folks, if you are paying for the link, it’s an ad not a back-link.  From my experiences, paid links are over-inflated and of little SEO value in most cases. There are much better ways of getting quality back-links from reputable sources.

Doing it the right way

Here’s a few often overlooked ways of earning more back-links to your website, your content and your offers:

  1. Content Creation: The most often overlooked and undervalued way of getting back-links or more of them is with great content. So what I mean by that is creating great content that people want to consume. As in they want to read, watch, like, comment and share.
  2. Public Relations: At first, no one is going to be a better cheerleader for your stuff than you! Get out there and promote the hell out of your content and offers. Network and get social.
  3. Interviews: Reach out to thought-leaders in your industry and build relationships. Interviewing them will help get you in front of new audiences that previously never heard of you. Also, this builds your authority and trust level by association.

So to wrap things up, this is just a very short list of some broad answers. In other words this is just scratching the surface of what you can do. Since you are only limited by your imagination and creativity, you have some work to do. Have at it and I wish you the best!

Not A Damn PennyCharles Snyder Raw #89

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer answer questions like Not A Damn Penny on Quora.  There are no checks and balances in place for the rampant censorship by some moderators.  And to make matters worse, inquiries about the anonymous censorship that goes on there have yet to see any reply.  Since that is the case, I will continue to help others, I just won’t be wasting my time on that website.  So Say Goodbye Quora!

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