Facebook Ad Fatigue

Facebook Ad Fatigue

Facebook Ad FatigueCharles Snyder Raw #88.  Hey, I’m back again today with another question coming from Quora.  So this time I’m answering why Facebook decreases the reach of a campaign, even if it was doing good before. And that can be pretty damn frustrating, right?

Facebook Ad Fatigue - Charles Snyder Raw #88 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Variety is the spice of life!

But first, allow me to share with you the original question:

“Why does Facebook decrease the paid reach for campaigns even if it was tested before?”


Since I do not have access to the campaign, I talk about a number of factors that can decrease reach in the video.  But it pretty much boils down to two key factors, saturation of the audience and ad fatigue.  However I would need to see the actual campaign analytics in order to truly figure out why your paid ad reach is decreasing.

Here’s some of my key thoughts…

So the first nugget of knowledge I offer you is knowing your numbers; it is the first step to gaining useful insight. In other words, how could you or I possibly know what to fix, if we don’t know what’s broken? Also, if anything is really broken at all and your ad is simply boring or it just plain old sucks? It’s impossible for me or you to do unless we know our analytics.

However, whatever the cause may be, if your ad campaign has a low relevancy score, Facebook isn’t making money. For example, let’s say your relevancy score is a 5; your ad will still get shown, but your costs per click increase. So if your relevancy score is 1 or 0, Facebook isn’t going to show your ad anymore, to anyone.

Last but not least, people just get tired of seeing the same old ads all of the time (i.e. ad fatigue mentioned above). Change it up with fresh ad copy, images or video as needed.

Facebook Ad FatigueCharles Snyder Raw #88

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer answer questions like Facebook Ad Fatigue on Quora.  There are no checks and balances in place for the rampant censorship by some moderators.  And to make matters worse, inquiries about the anonymous censorship that goes on there have yet to see any reply.  Since that is the case, I will continue to help others, I just won’t be wasting my time on that website.  So Say Goodbye Quora!

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