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Seasonal SEO

Seasonal SEOCharles Snyder Raw #87.  Since I didn’t get all of the videos for last week finished in time, I’m playing the catch-up game again.  But I also wanted to do something for Memorial Day 2018 as well as staying on schedule with my “Raw” videos.  So I kind of combined the two this time, unintentionally today.

Seasonal SEO - Charles Snyder Raw #87: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

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First, I kind of go off on a tangent and a rant, then I get down to business. But anyway, I answer another question we seen on Quora, this time asking if SEO was a seasonal thing. But first, here’s the original question:

“Is SEO a seasonal business?”


Here’s my thoughts on the subject…

First, SEO is an everyday kind of chore.  And yes, I do mean that it is a chore that must be done every time you create new content. But if you pull a bone-head maneuver like I did a few years back, you may also want to go back and update accordingly.

Regardless, since you should be creating content several times a week (or even daily), SEO needs to be applied too. In other words, I recommend applying SEO to your content as you create it. And you want to be creating new content all year long.

Seasonal SEO, through all the seasons

Yes, SEO can certainly be focused on seasonal things such as holidays or like spring, summer, etc.  Or you definitely should apply it to things such as seasonal travel, sporting events and so on. No matter which way you slice it, I recommend SEO be applied whenever you generate more content.

In conclusion, SEO is an on-going effort that never really stops. So whenever you add a new blog post or item to an online store, you need to get your SEO on as well. And that should also answer the question as to when potential business customers need that type of service. Always.

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer answer questions like Seasonal SEO on Quora.  There are no checks and balances in place for the rampant censorship by some moderators.  And to make matters worse, inquiries about the anonymous censorship that goes on there have yet to see any reply.  Since that is the case, I will continue to help others, I just won’t be wasting my time on that website.  So Say Goodbye Quora!

Seasonal SEOCharles Snyder Raw #87
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