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Make Stuff Happen

Make Stuff HappenCharles Snyder Raw #5. Something has been on my mind all this week.  While making these videos, writing articles and other work, I have been thinking about what my dad said to me many years ago. I was in a very rough spot of my life and I needed to get my act together.

Make Stuff Happen - Charles Snyder Raw #5: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!


So to summarize and I’m paraphrasing here, my father told me to “make stuff happen“.  Also, about two years ago, I saw the same phrase painted on the wall of my mentor’s office and it has resonated with me.  Come to think of it, when I was a fire chief, I would tell people basically the same.

“Make shit happen!”

Charles E. Snyder III, CEO

So a hashtag is born

#MakeShitHappen or the more family-friendly version, #MakeStuffHappen. Or just #MSH for short. Maybe I’ll make a T-shirt design with that on.

However, when I was having financial and health issues, I didn’t want to hear it from my father.  My mentor had a similar situation and I am sure that he didn’t want to hear it either.  Just as I am pretty sure that those firefighters didn’t want to hear me say it when they were struggling.

Regardless if we wanted to hear it or not, it was what we needed to hear at the time. As a result, at least for me, it has stuck in the back of my mind ever since then. My mentor said it has always stuck with him too and I hope the same is true for some of those firefighters.

Make Stuff Happen: A Life Lesson

But just as important, I have learned that wanting something and doing something about it are two very different animals.  It’s not enough for you or me to want something.  Goals, dreams, and resolutions without action on our part, are little more than fantasies.

So here’s a dose of reality for us all. Everybody wants to be wealthy, financially free and stress-free.  It’s all part of the “American Dream,” right? But the real question is if you want it bad enough to actually do the required work to get it.

Which brings me to today’s unintentional golden nugget of wisdom that I share with you. Nothing good ever happens on its own, you have to #MakeShitHappen!

Make Stuff HappenCharles Snyder Raw #5
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