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Increase Offers To Increase Sales

Increase Offers To Increase SalesCharles Snyder Raw #6. Hey gang, I hope you had a great weekend, but it’s Monday so time to get back to work!  Since I am thinking about it today, I need to start executing too.  So maybe you are facing some of the same challenges as well.

Increase Offers To Increase Sales - Charles Snyder Raw #6: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Need more sales?

If you need more income or to make more money, you have to make more sales. In order to make even more sales, you need to get in front of more potential customers. And to do that, you need to make a lot more offers.

So like I said in my previous episode, Make Stuff Happen – Charles Snyder Raw #5; Make Shit Happen! In other words, we have to make more offers in order to make more sales.

So are you making enough offers?

Let me ask you a question. You don’t have to tell anyone else, it’ll be just between you and me. How many offers did you make yesterday? In other words, how many people did you ask to buy your products or services?

If you’re like most business owners and marketers, the answer is “not enough.” Because as the saying goes, the amount of sales you make is directly related to the number of offers that you make. So the million-dollar question is, why are you not making more offers?

Increase Offers To Increase Sales

It’s simple math actually. But not one you can readily do for free or squeak by being a cheap-ass. And unless you are a celebrity, you have to pay to get your products and services in front of more people.

So in other words, I’m talking about distribution. How many names, email addresses, and phone numbers do you have on your list? How many people can you reach out to, right now and ask to buy your stuff? 10? 100? More?

For example, right now my agency can reach out to a little over 5,000 people at any given time. But I also know not everyone on our list is ready to buy right now. So that being the case, we have to borrow (as in rent access to) an audience from someone else like Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

So in summary, it really is simple. In order to make more sales this week, month or year, you have to get your offer in front of more people. But if you don’t have the distribution of thousands, you need to pay for access to someone else’s list.

Or we can save you time and do it for you

And if you don’t have the time or the desire to learn how to make more offers using someone else’s list, that’s what we do! Click on the banner below to learn more:

Make Offers To Increase SalesCharles Snyder Raw #6
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