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Bob C Testimonial

Our Bob C Testimonial comes to us after several years and conversations. So to be honest with you, I cannot remember exactly when or how we got to talking. But I do remember quite a few times we talked about websites, SEO and marketing. Which led me to actually doing some consulting and web development for Bob.

Bob C Testimonial - You sure know your SEO stuff!

“You sure know your SEO stuff!”

Initially, we talked mostly about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for his business website and driving more traffic to it. But we also performed some development work for his business as well.

Overall, we mostly provided consulting services and some technical support while Bob did much of the labor himself. So this was a good fit for both of us at the time. Since Bob has a great foundational understanding and I was working on a major project at that time for another client.

However, the most important take-away here is that Bob knew who his target audience is. He has a clear demographic that he markets to, which makes it pretty easy to develop everything else. And I can share with you, which I’m sure Bob will agree with, that knowing your customer makes things so much easier.

In Bob’s own words…

When it comes to Search Engine Optimizations, you sure know your stuff!  You guys were instrumental in helping me achieve the number one spot for several keyword searches, in just one month’s time.  I am still hoping to achieve even better results, granted it has only been a short time since the changes have been made, but the help and tips have been absolutely crucial in realizing my goals thus far.  I am looking forward to the next few months!

Bob C Testimonial

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