Celebrate Every Win

Celebrate Every Win

As I work towards my personal and professional goals, I feel it is important to Celebrate Every Win.  So I celebrate the little success stories and I definitely make a big deal out of the major achievements.  As a result, yesterday was no exception and today I am celebrating a significant win!

In today’s video, I talk about my recent challenges and achieving some progress with my goals.  Because yesterday sucked so bad, it’s even more important that I cherish the good news I received in the evening.  In addition, the good news also ties back in with my Vivid Vision.  Therefore, I felt it fairly important to include here.

Maybe you are facing some troubles of your own, in business or maybe it’s your personal life causing distraction.  Another cause may be coming from other people such as neighbors, employees or telemarketing scumbags.  Whatever the case may be, just remember that the distractions never cease coming at you.

Time For A True Story

Because I was in a crummy mood yesterday, I needed to find a way to turn my day around.  Due in part to a particularly annoying scammer calling me no less than 5 times, pretending to be the IRS.

First of all, the IRS doesn’t waste time calling you about a supposed tax problem.  Also, he stated that the IRS was going to be arrest and sue me.  Hence, I knew he was a scammer and not a very good one at that.  So I told him that he sucked at being a crook.

He cursed and hung up on me.  Since I was looking for a win, any win after the day I was having, I called him back 45 times.  Each time I taunted him, laughed at him and told him to get a real job.  Each time he called me names, cursed and then hung up on me again.  Therefore, I hit the redial button for session #46, but my number was blocked.

Today, his number is disconnected.  Now I wish I had recorded it all – I was laughing so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes.  As a result, I felt a lot better about the day and then I actually received good news.  So today I Celebrate Every Win!

More new leads means more opportunities to Celebrate Every Win!
More new leads means more opportunities to Celebrate Every Win!

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