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Maintaining A Positive Business Mindset

Maintaining A Positive Business MindsetCharles Snyder Raw #12. If you are anything like me, being positive every single day is not one of my strengths.  So yes, I get tired, I get frustrated and admittedly, I can get downright cranky at times. It’s a fact of life that happens to all of us.

Maintaining A Positive Business Mindset - Charles Snyder Raw #12: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Go ahead, make my day!

So some days I have to work a lot harder at staying positive and other times, not so much.  But it’s always worth the effort to try and stay positive. Especially when you are dealing with customers or creating content.

Sometimes I just have to walk away

Every so often, despite my best efforts and stubbornness, I have to take a walk.  By taking a walk, I literally mean that I need to walk away from things and clear my mind. I need to do something else to calm down and maintain my cool.

Since I don’t have those kinds of days very often, I wanted to share my thoughts with you today. On how I am dealing with some frustrations I am facing right now.

Anyway, I have those kinds of moments occasionally and I know we all do. Hell, sometimes I’ll go to the local shooting range, other times I’ll fix something. We just need to do whatever it is that helps center us again and clear our minds, like take a walk or chat with a mentor.

Maintaining A Positive Business Mindset

So the moral of the story is this; your mood affects you in many ways. The way you talk, your choice of words, your tone of voice and your body language. This can have a major impact on your sales.

Since your mood can affect the way you come across to others, check yourself. Do a quick check before you go into a meeting or sales call. It is a good idea to do the same before you create content too.

Here are a few things that I do every time before I interact with others:

  • Smile – Even if you have to force it, it tricks the body into thinking it’s happier than you are. It’s a physiological response when you smile, that changes your mood too. Try it.
  • Awareness – Be aware of your body language. If you are sitting or standing with your arms crossed, your mind is closed. Others pick up on that and mirror your energy.
  • Mind-Control – Are you in control of your thoughts or are they in control of you? Think positive, groovy things. Recall a past pleasant memory that gives you the warm-fuzzies and makes you smile.

These are just a few of my go-to “hacks” when I’m sad or mad. What do you do when you need to put your best foot forward?

Maintaining A Positive Business MindsetCharles Snyder Raw #12
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