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September 2022 Updates – News & Announcements from C E Snyder Marketing LLC.

September 2022 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC
September 2022 Updates – News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Another busy month is in the bag and October is shaping up to be even more productive. But we also had our fair share of delays, stuff not working right, and a few sucky moments are thrown in there as well. So never think that everything goes according to plan here!

September 2022 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” – Helmuth van Motke

The enemy, in this case, is time, money, and life. Crap happens and it’s how you handle it and adapt to those unforeseen circumstances that make you a leader or a train wreck. But remember, especially as the business owner, that everything is your fault. This includes, in my case, owning a 22-year-old truck for which most replacement parts are becoming harder and harder to find.

September 2022 Updates: Work-in-progress

Since last month, we continue to publish weekly content for ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks. Since the beginning of September, I have also been live-streaming in the ROI Ninjas – Kickin’ Your Competition private FB group. So the topics of these live streams are discussing a little about the most recent of the ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks email.

However, this past week I dropped the ball and didn’t go live. Because the brake line on my truck ruptured, spraying brake fluid all over the place and leaving me with no brakes. Thankfully, I did not wreck the old truck or get any injuries. But it did have me in a foul mood for a few days.

Anyway, Ann and Jethro continue their training. So the plan is within the next month or so, they can start taking some of the workload off of my plate. Because there is a lot to do and I simply don’t have the time to do it all myself.

What’s going on this month?

The big one to start is the upcoming ROI Ninjas Workshop: Creating Your Bullseye. This was originally scheduled for 5 October. But then my truck happened last week and everything has been thrown out of whack. So now we are on for 26 October.

So far this year, I have talked to, helped, and coached dozens of businesses. With nearly all of them, I see a common root of frustration when it comes to marketing, advertising, and content creation. But it nearly all comes down to one critical point, a lack of clarity with their audience, their message, and their offer.

However, the purpose of this workshop is to get right at the heart of the problem and fix it. Specifically, developing a “Bullseye,” creating an effective Elevator Pitch, and crafting an irresistible problem-solution statement. When you have this level of clarity, having conversations and creating magnetic offers so that people come to you becomes ridiculously easy!

Get signed up now because space is limited and filling up fast!!

September 2022 Updates: More good stuff

Also, we are working on several deals, not the least of which is one that ties into ROI Ninjas University. Whether or not this deal comes to fruition, our online learning platform will be opening before the end of the year. Providing we can stay on schedule despite picking up several new accounts.

Anyway, they say hindsight is 20/20, and I should not have said anything about ROI Ninjas University before it was ready. But I broke one of my rules and here we are, 10 months later, still talking about it. Regardless, I did bring it up, so now I feel compelled to let you all know where things are at.

Additionally, a lot of the work I have been doing with teaching, coaching, and mentoring, has given me more clarity. So concerning the ROI Ninjas University project, I believe that we are moving in the right direction, albeit slowly. And the goal is to launch in time for the new year.

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