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October 2022 Updates – News & Announcements from C E Snyder Marketing LLC.

Man, last month was nuts! From the agency side of the house, we were dealing with two “needy” types. One is no longer a customer and the other, they were more worried about perfection than making money. Neither of which I have any desire to work with again.

October 2022 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Sometimes, you just have to say no.

One of them I caught in a lie, which was confirmed by a third party that I trust, and the other well that is a whole other story. Of these, I discuss in some detail this past month in the ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks emails and the private ROI Ninjas Facebook community. So I won’t be revisiting that here.

But I will state, yet again, not everyone is your customer! You don’t always agree with or like everyone you meet. So don’t lower your standards when it comes to dealing with customers too. Because no amount of money is ever worth them sapping away your energy, happiness, or your soul.

October 2022 Updates: On-going Projects

As I went over last month, ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks is moving forward. So today, as I am writing this, the 19th installment will also be going out. Also, I am going live in the private Facebook group to discuss it on Mondays. Plus, anyone that fills out any of our forms, registers for workshops, etc., is automatically put on the mailing list too.

Speaking of workshops, the ROI Ninjas Bullseye Workshop this past Wednesday was a success! Admittedly, this being the first time running a workshop in this manner, there were some hiccups. But the great thing about learning from your mistakes is that the next one we do, it’ll be a lot better!

Last but not least, I haven’t had much time or energy to do anything with ROI Ninjas University this month. Between my truck requiring repairs (that I ended up doing) to the needy customers; no progress was made. But I will be looking at how best to approach that later today and working on it.

Future Workshop, Webinars, and Coaching

WOW, I cannot ignore the level of success we have had with the BULLSEYE Workshop. Because the attendees were loving it and we even have some very positive reviews from it. So I am eyeballing dates in January 2023 for the next workshop! But more on that next month AFTER I put some other stuff on my to-done list.

For November, we are working on a new promotion for ROI Ninjas CRM, we’ll be announcing that this coming week. But also in the works is putting our software on center stage with a new incredible offer. So more details coming for both very soon!

Finally, beginning in the near year, I will also be offering a more formal and structured coaching service. Not everyone has an interest in it, but for those that do, I hear you and it is coming.

October 2022 Updates: Gaining Momentum

My team and I want to finish out the year on a strong footing, ready to take the new year by storm. Their training continues and they are starting to help out with some of the account management. Because their help is freeing up some of my time now so that I can work on bringing in more clients.

But I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication to learning. It is a huge learning curve for someone that has never done anything with online marketing or digital advertising. So a big shoutout to Ann and Jethro – keep doing what you’re doing, it matters!

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