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November 2020 Updates

November 2020 UpdatesNews & Announcements. So as with many things in life, not everything goes as you plan. But that also applies to running a business and my agency is no different. Since I have been back home (and back to work), we have had to face a few setbacks and delays.

November 2020 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Slow progress

First, Thanksgiving has come and gone already and it’s December already. It’s hard to believe. But even with the delays and setbacks, we kept moving the ball forward.

So the positive point this month is when you run into hurdles, keep on keeping on and get past that mess. Sooner or later you will get through.

Progress made this past month

Making shit happen in November was not without its struggles for us. But we did make some progress and even hit a few goals too. Here’s where we are at in relation to October 2020 Updates:

  • Entire website and blog move to a faster web server
  • Addressing 2,358 broken internal and external links
  • Adding page/post caching to improve load speed
  • Minimizing HTML/CSS/JScripts to improve load speed
  • Activating a CDN to improve image loading speed

There were even more SEO tweaks made, but far too many to list here. So almost all of the work done was to improve website performance and your end-user experience.

Also, we did manage to publish some new content as well. Here you will find the short list:

November 2020 Updates: 2021 and beyond

I have a lot on my plate for December and the new year. However, as a rule of thumb, I try not to talk about what might happen. But here are a few things that are in the works and should be ready soon.

  • Finish updating all articles and videos in the Digital Marketing category.
  • Adding more content to the Digital Marketing category, specifically more of our Digital Marketing Services and supporting content. For example, the now partially complete Email Marketing page (coming soon).
  • Updating and editing BotNinja, our Facebook Messenger automation. Some updates have been made already, but a lot more are to follow.

So those are the most immediate changes and additions to be made in December. But they are not the only ones we are working on. For instance, I have also begun writing a new version of our Vivid Vision.

Regardless, have a safe and happy holiday season! Merry Christmas and a Happy (and profitable) New Year to you all.

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