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June 2020 Updates

June 2020 UpdatesNews & Announcements. So for the past month, we have been working on editing and republishing a lot of content. But even better than that, on 2 June I found out that my agency won an award. Of course, we made a big announcement about it too.

June 2020 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Business is on the rebound!

However, due to some personal matters, our 2020 Digital Marketing Award announcement didn’t happen until a week later. But due to the restrictions for COVID-19, there was no presentation ceremony. So anyway, the crystal award and matching plaque are finally here.

The pictures and perhaps a video are coming soon. We received the award and plaque on 19 June 2020. After the UPS dude left them sitting on my front door step, in the rain.

So much more editing to do!

Since I’ve been home, we have been busy with updating a ton of our content. To date, we have done the following:

  • Charles Snyder Raw episodes #1 – #70 is now complete. That’s more than 20 more articles and videos that have been edited, updated, and republished.
  • About half of our top-tier pages are now updated. So this includes some minor tweaks and additions to our Home page. Additionally, all of our Company Info pages have had updates to them as well. Which include our Company Culture, Team Members, and Vivid Vision pages.
  • Also, the Digital Marketing Blog page has a new look, thanks to Ann’s suggestions. I think it looks way better now.
  • We continue to update our YouTube Channel too. Each time one of our articles passes the editing test, we also update the corresponding video too.
  • Additionally, we are also sharing these articles and videos across all of our social media pages. Almost all of which have never been seen on social media before. Plus it is helping to grow our audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and Twitter.

But there is still a lot more for us to do. However, the main focus of my agency is working on our PPAs. Because at the end of the day, if it doesn’t help our clients and produce results, it’s not what we stand for.

June 2020 Updates: the work continues

So as of right now, at the end of June, we are roughly halfway through the editing of our previous content. But starting in July, we will begin creating and publishing new content again. In fact, as of right now we have four new articles waiting on companion videos.

However, I have been rethinking how we will produce better videos. As far as content goes, I believe that we are producing solid messages. But the interest level of our viewers remains so-so. I know we can do a lot better!

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