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March 2020 Updates

March 2020 UpdatesNews & Announcements. So this has been a crazy and weird month for us all. The Corona Virus quarantine has played havoc with everyone’s businesses and lives. For example, I would celebrate my birthday today, with my Fiance, Ann by video conference call. And that’s not even getting into my rearranged business schedule.

March 2020 Updates - News and Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Eat my shorts COVID-19!

Like I was saying in February 2020 Updates, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. So I spent the majority of the first half of the month working on updating previously published content. I began with the first 15 or so episodes of Charles Snyder Raw, but then the pandemic changed everything almost overnight.

Changing gears

With the quarantine in place and social distancing being the watch-word of current events, I had to change gears too. So I began thinking about our situation and how the news media wasn’t helping matters any. But then that got me to thinking about the average small business owner.

As a result, last week I began creating new content that would hopefully offer some help for those that need it. But my goal for the new content was to offer some practical advice with actionable items. Stuff that people could do from home to help save their businesses.

My new Coronavirus-related content is as follows:

Stepping up our marketing

Another direct result of this whole quarantine craziness is that we have doubled up on our marketing for March. As I share in those new articles, one of the smartest things any business owner can do right now is marketing! So I am following my own advice (I hear he knows what he’s talking about) and we running three new campaigns currently.

Two of those campaigns are aimed at simply growing our list. Since people are scared and being tight with their money, I’m only focusing on growing our distribution right now. That’s it and I do so in a way that jives with most everyone’s reality.

March 2020 Updates: What’s new

By the way, I haven’t completely stopped revitalizing our previously published articles and content. Nor have I forgotten about our massive SEO and landing page initiatives. Here’s what got some TLC this past month:

  • The first 15 original installments of Charles Snyder Raw updated and published to social media for the first time.
  • Rebuilt and began marketing and advertising our list-building program titled, Follow My Journey.
  • Our massive SEO project continues along with the editing and updates to our 260+ articles and videos. And we’re seeing the needle move.
On-Page SEO Scores are up
On-Page SEO Scores are up across the board!

If you want to give me a birthday present…

Put your wallet away, I’m not soliciting for money. But if you would like to help make my birthday a memorable one, register to Follow My Journey from the banner below. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s FREE!

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