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January 2021 UpdatesNews & Announcements. Since September 2019, we have been focusing on just three goals. The first two of which are refreshing our Digital Marketing Blog content and publishing some new. However, our primary focus remains on building our own marketing and sales through 2021.

January 2021 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Big news coming soon!

So along the lines of marketing and sales, we have begun to slowly drip some hints as to what we’ve been working on. But more on that possibly in February or March of 2021. Here’s what we have done since the beginning of the new year.

Content updates galore

One of the biggest changes has been to the “follow/subscribe” block we use extensively throughout our blog. This also includes a much more robust “pipeline” on the backend. In other words, we are using our own Digital Marketing Automation service to handle our audience development.

Fully integrating our own Digital Marketing Automation

Also, we have made upgrades to all of our forms, reviews, email, and even our business phone number too. But that in and of itself means little until you understand that we manage it all from one dashboard!

Up until now, that meant using six or more services and just as many logins, dashboards, and databases. It’s just not efficient, it’s expensive and it’s a major pain in the back-side to manage. However, that is now a thing of the past and is the big news we have coming for you.

January 2021 Updates: more to come

Here’s a quick summary of what is done and what is coming in February:

  • 5 Minutes With Charles – Episodes #1 – #20 have been edited and we should complete the remainder next month. This also includes editing and reorganizing the videos on our YouTube channel too.
  • We have a major revision underway as part of our “subscriber” block update. This includes more than 600 URLs that require redirection. But we did this before the update however there are still some bugs to fix.
  • Some more articles in Digital Marketing and News & Announcements have been through the editing process. But there remains more work to be done there. Particularly more of our services-related content.

Plus there have been dozens if not hundreds of little fixes, tweaks, and updates to all areas of our web assets. Too many (and too boring) to list them all here. But there is a huge announcement coming soon!

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