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Intro Video 2018

Intro Video 2018Digital Marketing. On 28 December 2017, we excitedly made the announcement of our first Explainer Video. As those sorts of videos go, it was OK and it is better than none at all. So as the saying goes, imperfect action to gain some traction.

Intro Video 2018 - Digital Marketing Services by C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Digital Marketing Services

But our updated version is much better and does an excellent job of communicating clearly what it is that we do. Be sure to check out our vastly improved and superior Intro Video 2020.

Explainer Videos for the win!

So look, it doesn’t matter if the economy is up or down. Also, it doesn’t matter who is the president of the United States. What matters most in your business is getting more customers, having more conversations, making more offers, and generating a whole lot more sales.

Do you agree with that?

Since you are still reading, it’s safe to assume that you do. Because your number one job in business until you hit a million dollars a year is just two things; marketing and sales! So you need a way of making more offers, even when you sleep and an explainer video is part of the answer.

Intro Video 2018: making more offers

However, an intro or explainer video is just one step for you to take. But an important one none the less. So you do need to get it in front of your ideal customers to build your brand as well as get them interested in your offer. And that means marketing and advertising.

All of which you will find in the video below. Also, the video covers why you need to get on board with digital marketing. Plus, you probably already know that the big businesses like Coke, Dodge, and GE are spending a lot more on social media advertising.

So why aren’t you?

Look, you don’t need a billion-dollar budget for online marketing. But you do need someone that knows what they are doing. So you can be the hero with Digital Marketing Services or you can keep struggling alone.

Updated: Intro Video 2018
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