Prioritize Your Business Day

Prioritize Your Business Day

With all the distractions and daily busy work, I had to regroup today.  I needed to take a step back to reorganize my priorities and jump right back into the marketing mix.  So with that foremost on my mind, I recorded this even as the email and phone calls kept coming in.  These are my thoughts on how to Prioritize Your Business Day.

As I stumbled through the video mentally, what I was trying to think of and say is, focus on what matters.  The basic concept is that we spend about 80% of our time working on junk.  By junk I mean checking email, on the phone and browsing social media to name a few.  In other words, the stuff that doesn’t make a penny for you or me.

Instead, wouldn’t my business be better when I spend that time on the 20% that makes me money?  What if I made an email marketing campaign instead of looking at mostly garbage in my inbox?  How much will my business improve when I spend as much time creating Facebook ads as I spend surfing Facebook?

Do you think that will make a difference in your business and profits?  I do.  Between you and me, you truly need to prioritize your business day.

One Way To Prioritize Your Business Day

Here is how I am attempting to reorganize and prioritize my work day.  Everything in my business falls into one of two categories and get sorted as such.  My categories are simple and easy to understand, they either fall into money-making activities or they don’t.  It might even help if you write this out to help your visualize and understand.  Sort out everything like email, answering the phone and cat videos on YouTube.

Now, for the sake of simplicity, I’ll just say I work 10 hours a day, six days a week and I might take a break in there.  Following the 80/20 rule, I will now spend 8 hours a day working on stuff that generates leads, sales and making money.  The other 2 hours a day I spend checking email and so on – the other stuff that doesn’t make money.

Don’t you think that may make a huge difference in my business and yours?

Prioritize Your Business Day and have Charles E. Snyder III Marketing manage your Direct Response Marketing
Prioritize Your Business Day and hire us to manage your Direct Response Marketing needs.

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