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My Mental Happy Place

My Mental Happy PlaceCharles Snyder Raw #119.  Since I wasn’t in a happy place yesterday, I decided to not make the daily video marketing blog.  So now that I am happy again, it’s time to start working and producing more marketing content.  But that is exactly the point that I want to share with you here today.

My Mental Happy Place - Charles Snyder Raw #119: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Step back, relax, and take ten.

Some times you just have to step out for a moment (or a day) and get yourself in the right frame of mind.  Otherwise, when it comes to sales and customer service, you may be doing your business more harm than good.  So it should go without saying too much more than some times you just need to step away and take a break.

Your mood affects your business

If you are anything like me, being in a bad mood affects everything in your life.  I find it affects the way I think, the way I talk, and the way I handle situations.  Since I know this about myself, I take steps so that it has little or no effect on my business.  And I try to do the same when it comes to dealing with family, friends, customers, etc.

Last but not least, there are ways to improve your mood if it’s not that bad, to begin with.  For example, before going into a consultation or recording videos, I do a few things to prepare.  No matter what I am doing, I always force myself to smile, which makes me feel better.  If I’m at my home office, I’ll force myself to sit up straight too.

Some times I might even stretch real good or go for a brisk walk first. But the takeaway here is to be mindful of your mood. Whether you are dealing with customers, writing a blog post or getting on video.

My Mental Happy Place: a short summary

So in summary, some times I can find My Mental Happy Place, other times I just need to get away for a day. No matter what, the idea is to take a break so that you’re not damaging relationships with your team or your clients. And the value of that can be nothing short of priceless for your business.

My Mental Happy PlaceCharles Snyder Raw #119
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