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I Jinxed Myself

I Jinxed MyselfCharles Snyder Raw #72.  So yesterday when I was making that episode of “Raw” I named my poison.  I was talking about starting production work on our next webinar. Specifically, I am referring to our Free Marketing Readiness Worksheet.

Unless I get a deployment order that is…

I Jinxed Myself - Charles Snyder Raw #72: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

I should have kept my mouth shut!

So guess what I received this morning?  Yep, you probably guessed it; I got a deployment order to go to Alabama. I think it was about 9 AM, both my work phone and my personal phone started blowing up with alerts. But at least I don’t have to be in Georgia until Monday to sign out a unit.

Since I am going to be working a lot, I’m going to keep things simple with the videos for now.  But I will keep producing content as often as I can.

But everything else is on hold for now

As a result of the deployment, I am of course going to be extremely busy for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, that also means no new webinars or 1 Minute Marketing Tips; at least for now. Well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best, but no promises.

Additionally, that also means I likely won’t have time for producing any new Marketing Case Studies, as much as I would like to. So the same goes for me having the time to work on the website too. It probably won’t happen, but I will make every effort to keep publishing more “Raw” content.

I Jinxed Myself, but I’ll be back!

Anyway, I need to go finish packing my bags and packing stuff away in my truck while I am gone. So that is pretty much what my weekend will consist of; just getting ready to go. But stay posted, I will let you know what’s going on once I have a better idea of what I’m getting in to.

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I Jinxed MyselfCharles Snyder Raw #72
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