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Drawing A Blank

Drawing A BlankCharles Snyder Raw #25. Since I have arrived here in Santa Barbara County, I’ve been extremely busy. Additionally, my laptop has been acting weird. And now with some heavy rain moving into the area, I might have to evacuate due to the danger of more mud-slides.

Drawing A Blank - Charles Snyder Raw #25: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Yup, I’m Distracted!

Anyway, now that I have my laptop working again, I need to start creating content again. But aside from technical issues and losing at least three videos, I’m at a loss. So my main concern is getting everything back up to snuff so I can provide services to our customers.

Distractions are everywhere

In the last episode, Santa Barbara Deployment – Charles Snyder Raw #24, I talk about working in California. While this isn’t my first deployment, it is the first since reorganizing my agency. And it is a bit of a challenge with equipment problems and content creation.

As I mention in my “Why” video, I Enjoy Helping Others – Our Why #2, I like doing this kind of work. But the reality is that I now know it is going to be hard to build my agency while doing this type of work. So looking forward, I must work on building our customer base in order to focus 100% on my digital marketing agency.

As a result, I’ll be able to focus more on content creation in the future.

But I’m still Drawing A Blank

So back to my original point for today, which is that I don’t have a point for today. Yes, I have a lot on my mind and it doesn’t look like things are going to get any easier as far as creating content goes. Personally, I feel this is most likely one of the weakest videos I’ve put out.

Seriously, consider yourself warned. I am tempted to just delete it, but then my article and video count would be all out of whack. And there are three other videos I am trying to recover.

Drawing A BlankCharles Snyder Raw #25
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