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I Hate Microsoft

I Hate MicrosoftCharles Snyder Raw #76.  So there it is, I said it for the world to see and I mean what I say.  Since preparing for this deployment over a week ago, I have been dealing with a big problem. Windows 7 is now falsely reporting as a non-genuine copy. And I’m not happy about it!

I Hate Microsoft - Charles Snyder Raw #76: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

How about “NOOOO, Scotty Jones!”

So as I have been talking about in two of the last three episodes, the copy of Win7 I have on my laptop is on the blink. Specifically, I lay out my issues in:

It sucks to be you; buy Windows 10

Anyway, I have been fighting with this problem for nearly a week now and it’s aggravating me to no end. However, having somewhat of a background in IT (Information Technology), my first response was to turn to Microsoft customer service. Sadly, they have no customer service that they are aware of and if I could reach through the phone, I would choke someone out.

So the “customer support” nitwit’s only comments basically amounted to; “it sucks to be you” and “just buy Windows 10.” Of course, I’m paraphrasing somewhat, although not by much. But I can promise you after his comments and attitude, I’m reluctant to ever buy Microsoft products again!

I Hate Microsoft, but I need my laptop!

Regardless, I made several attempts to reload Windows 7 and then 8.1 on my laptop just to get it working again. I guess I could just keep using my laptop as it is. But there is an annoying pop-up and the notice in the lower right corner of the screen.

I’m not feeling that if you know what I mean! So the moment I do another video using my screen-capture, the notice will be there in the corner. And there is also the incredibly annoying popup too.

I Hate MicrosoftCharles Snyder Raw #76
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