Bite Me Bill Gates

Bite Me Bill Gates

Bite Me Bill GatesCharles Snyder Raw #80.  As the title of my article and video suggests, I’m not happy with Microsoft right now.  Or with Billy Gates for that matter. And I’m ten times as annoyed with their (lack of) customer service – tech support department. Trying to get help from Microsoft can be extremely annoying or sometimes, just a waste of your time.

Bite Me Bill Gates - Charles Snyder Raw #80 - It's unscripted, unplanned and unedited (for the most part)

Microsuxx Windblows

So after I updated Windows 7 and rebooted my laptop, I got a nasty notice that my copy was pirated.  Since I had the same copy of Windows 7 installed for more than 2 years, Bill Gates can eat my sweaty, unwashed shorts!

I thought I was prepared for deployment

First, when I got this current deployment notification, I spent some extra time making sure I could keep tabs on business. So I also spent some time getting my laptop ready to monitor our customer accounts as well as creating content. Of course that also means that I had to make sure that everything had the latest patches and updates too.

Having done all that in addition to making backups of all my important files, I thought everything was good to go. Since you already know that there was a problem, obviously my assumptions were incorrect. Just one or two days into my deployment to Alabama, Microsoft throws me a huge mess of a curve-ball.

So I sat down in my hotel room one evening and I see several small updates for my laptop. It looked innocent enough, so I clicked the install button, which required a reboot when it finished installing. But that’s when things started getting weird and I got the notice that my PURCHASED copy of Windows 7 “may not be authentic.”

Anyway, the moral of the story is that if you run into the same problem with an older version of Windows, their solution is to buy a new one. So all I want to say right now is Microsoft can go pound sand!

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