Staying Focused

Keeping on task and staying focused can be a challenge for us all.  Today started off as one of those days for me, which led to this video and an idea.  The idea is creating an entire series of videos and articles, documenting my daily journey to success.  The videos will be mostly unedited and uncensored, in other words my videos are going to be raw.

In the video I talk about quite a few things that are going on and on my mind.  I discuss many different, seemingly unrelated topics, but by the end of the video I bring it all together.  Well at least in my mind it was a semi-cohesive train of thought and makes sense to me.

The main concept here is that I talk about being grateful, I talk about perspective and most importantly, I talk about persistence.  Be grateful for what you have and where you are today.  Keep things in perspective and take a look back at where you were a year ago in business.  But the most important part of my video is just doing what needs to be done.  In other words, staying focused.

5 Minutes With Charles - Relevant, timely and valuable marketing advice.

5 Minutes With Charles – Relevant, timely and valuable marketing advice.

Staying Focused Can Be A Problem

As I mentioned in my video, staying focused and keeping on task can be a hurdle for us all.  One method I have found to work quite well is thinking about the pros and cons of keeping your goal.  Specifically, I talk about listing the the goal and what are all of the bad things that will come from not achieving success.  I then go on to talk about listing out all of the good things that will happen as a result of success.

To be honest, admittedly this is something I feel that should be written out and kept in a conspicuous location.  When in doubt or simply “not feeling it today” like I was feeling this morning, take a long look at your written resolution.  In fact this is something I am going to develop or at least research and see if anyone else has created one.  As Cameron Herold states, “R&D (Rip-Off and Duplicate) your way to success.

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