Life Balance

Achieving life balance is part of my recently published 2020 Vivid Vision.  For my first two videos in this daily series I talked about Staying Focused and the need to Feed Your Brain.  But as my fiancee is frequently reminding me, there has to be time for me too.  She says that I need time for resting and relaxing as well as making time for her.  So here are my thoughts for today and I hope you find it useful.

Ann on Life Balance

Ann on Life Balance

As I talk about in my video, one of the biggest challenges I have is keeping a life balance.  Far too often I am in front of my computer for as much as 16 or more hours a day and that’s not a good thing.  It’s not good for my mind and it definitely isn’t doing me any good for my health.  Ann is always reminding me to take some time to relax and she even posted something about it on Facebook.  I’m not sure if that is one of those subtle hints that Ann is putting out there, but she’s right and it’s relevant to my topic.

We entrepreneurs can be quite obsessed and stubborn when it comes to our businesses.  Well Ann says I can be very stubborn.  So if you are like me, our work can be stressful for our families and loved ones as well.  We need to make some ‘me time’ and we definitely need to make time for our loved ones.

Charles Snyder Raw

My videos are unscripted, unfiltered and mostly unedited thoughts about business and life.  Or as one friend put it, the semi-coherent ramblings of a genius or a madman (depending on who you ask).  But no matter which way you perceive it, these are my thoughts on the tough things that no one else is talking about.

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