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Life Balance

Life BalanceCharles Snyder Raw #3. Achieving a good balance between life, love, work, and play is part of my recently published 2020 Vivid Vision. But my first two articles and videos of this series are about focusing your energies and learning new skills. So this time around I will balance the equation and talk about family, friends and just getting some “me” time.

Life Balance - Charles Snyder Raw #3: It's unscripted, unplanned and uncooked!

Take good care of yourself!

As my fiancee, Ann frequently reminds me, there has to be time for me too.  She says that I need time for resting and relaxing as well as making time for her.  Since a big part of why I do what I do is to provide for her, she has a point. So here are my thoughts for today and I hope you find it useful.

A subtle hint

Ann's take on Life Balance
Ann’s take on Life Balance

As I talk about in my video today, one of my biggest challenges is to take some time away from work.  Far too often I am in front of my computer for as much as 16 or more hours a day and that’s not a good thing.  Since it’s not good for my mind and it definitely isn’t good for my health. So Ann is always reminding me to take some time to relax and she even posted something about it on Facebook recently.  Maybe it’s a hint, maybe it’s a coincidence.

Regardless, we entrepreneurs can be quite obsessed and stubborn when it comes to our businesses.  Well, Ann says I can be very stubborn anyway.  So if you are like me, our work can be stressful for our families and loved ones as well.  As a result, we need to take some time for ourselves and we definitely need to make time for our loved ones too.

A final thought on Life Balance

In summary, remember the real reason that you put so much time and effort into your business; your family and friends. For example, I am doing this for Ann and our future together. Neither of which will happen if I ignore her as well as our growing relationship.

Life BalanceCharles Snyder Raw #3
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