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Another month has come and gone as it slips into history. But there have also been some major changes behinds the scenes here at C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC. So let’s dive right into our July 2021 Updates!

July 2021 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

We’re moving!

The big news, at least for us, is that we are moving. Quite literally, as I am writing this, we are getting ready to move to our new headquarters. However, by the time this is published, most of the moving festivities will be done. Or at least begun in earnest and we will be working on unpacking everything as you read this in August.

Bigger house = bigger home office!

So for the past 7 years, my home office has been tiny, to say the least. There’s simply not enough room to live and work here, much less having Ann working with me too. We’ve made it work, but I have been sorely wanting more room and our current rental is just too damn small.

However, once I came home from Florida when I was working there and remotely running our business, I had enough. So we began house hunting in earnest and in late June, we found a solid candidate. But it wasn’t until mid-July that I knew for sure that we are getting the house.

Ironically, now I need to make up my mind (with Ann’s approval of course), which room will be our new office. Also, the irony continues as now we are at the point with ROI Ninjas, that I need to get out more and visit local HVAC companies to drum up awareness and business. So I’m going to be on the road a lot more now.

July 2021 Updates: new content & refreshed content

As was mentioned in June 2021 Updates, we have published one new piece of content. It is our new HVAC Marketing Master Guide. This free guide lays out exactly how we have been successfully marketing for the past five years. But you have to go HERE to get your free copy; download it today!

Also, even though our main focus is on marketing and sales to grow our own business, we are still in the ongoing process of refreshing our content too. Since September 2019, we have written or edited more than 2,000,000 words and still counting. However, there’s even more to come!

So for August, in addition to getting settled into our new home and world headquarters, we’ll be working more on ROI Ninjas. But I’m not making any predictions right now, we’ll have to see how things pan out through the current month.

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