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September 2021 Updates – News & Announcements.

September 2021 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC
September 2021 Updates – News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Not much was going on with the public-facing side of our business website and blog this past month. I was on deployment in Louisiana for Hurricane Ida and I didn’t have much spare time. However, that’s not saying that we didn’t make any progress during the past month.

September 2021 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

2 Years, 2,000,000+ Words

During September, a few significant milestones were quietly surpassed. For example, it was 22 years ago that I started my first web design company that would eventually lead to the creation of our digital marketing agency just five years ago. It seems like it has been longer, but it also seems like it was just yesterday too.

More milestone achievements

So it was two years ago in 2019 that we began updating and revising all of our marketing blog articles and videos. But that also includes more than 2,076,767 words of writing, editing, spell-checking, etc. since then (and still counting). Additionally, last month’s August 2021 Updates marked 300 articles currently published on our digital marketing blog.

However, much of our recent achievements dim in comparison by yet another major improvement to ROI Ninjas. But the most important aspect of those improvements is in the form of usability and making it more user-friendly. Also, the improvements will allow us to create a test account to show you ROI Ninjas in action.

September 2021 Updates: looking forward

So with that being said, one thing on our agenda for October is creating some demonstration videos, showing you ROI Ninjas in real-world use. Because they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth ten thousand pictures. And demonstrating your products or service (a combination of both in this case) goes a long way towards building trust and value in your customers’ eyes.

ROI Ninjas Dashboard
ROI Ninjas Dashboard – blurred example

Also on the to-do list is creating more in-depth content describing our related services on our Services page. We have already made some updates and edits to our existing services pages. But we are also nearly complete with new content for Customer Reviews as well as developing another article for SMS/Text Messaging too.

*Links to the new pages will be available soon.

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