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February 2022 Updates – News & Announcements from C E Snyder Marketing LLC.

February 2022 Updates - News and Announcements from C E Snyder Marketing LLC
February 2022 Updates – News & Announcements from C E Snyder Marketing LLC

Another month has come and gone. The second month of 2022 is now history, but more importantly, where are you with your business goals? Are you on track? Have you hit some hurdles? Do you need some inspiration?

February 2022 Updates - News & Announcements from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC

Stay energized!

So to be honest with you, we hope this is inspirational for some of you. Because as business owners and marketers, it is easy to forget the reason why we need to do some of the things we don’t want to do. In other words, it’s not always top of mind what energizes us at the beginning of a project, the new year, etc.

Plugging in and staying connected

One thing I always suggest for our clients is to join our private Facebook community and join in on the conversations. But this may sound like a chore to you, however, the benefits of networking with other business owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs can help you a lot. Also, it can get your creative juices flowing or even help you past a roadblock.

However, the moral of the story is staying in contact and actively engaging other like-minded people. It works to help you stay on task for reaching your goals. Especially when you hit that mid-project slump. Or if you are easily distracted by the next “shiny” thing.

But if you are interested in networking more and joining our growing community, just click on the banner or link below. Once you register, the private Facebook details will be revealed.

February 2022 Updates: What’s new

As we are now a few days into March, we continue working on several projects, not the least of which is the forthcoming ROI Ninjas University. Unfortunately, it is still not ready to launch yet, but we are getting closer. So it will be at least another month or so until it’s ready to be open to our clients.

Also, much of January and all of February has seen us doing a complete overhaul of our online assets. Because our priority is always to our customers as well as reaching more potential ones. So that is where we put most of our time and effort these days.

Regardless, we have finished remodeling most of our funnels, landing pages, etc. So here’s a brief list of work that we did last month:

ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks - One email, once a week, always awesome marketing tips!
ROI Ninjas Weekly Kicks – One email, once a week, always awesome marketing tips!
HVAC Marketing Master Guide - Our "Secret Sauce" 7-figure game plan!
HVAC Marketing Master Guide – Our “Secret Sauce” 7-figure game plan!
ROI Ninjas SaaS - Our "Secret Sauce" for lead gen, online reputation, and sales!
ROI Ninjas SaaS – Our “Secret Sauce” for lead gen, online reputation, and sales!

*These pages are live, so if you submit your info, you’re going to be in our system.

What else we have going on

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve also been working on some system performance upgrades. Mostly, this is in the realm of speed. Faster loading times for all parts of ROI Ninjas SaaS, such as the recent Speed Boost to name one. But we’re now done doing a round of upgrades and testing of our CDN (Content Delivery Network) for another boost in performance for ROI Ninjas SaaS customers.

However, our engineer is an animal and I can barely keep up with all the work he has been doing. Most of my time is going on the automation of our funnels. But he’s been plugging away at the speed and performance of our platform as well as adding new stuff all the time.

For example, ROI Ninjas SaaS now has the capability of social media posts and scheduling of posts! But more on that later when we have the opportunity to test and play with it some more. So keep coming back for more updates!!

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