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Strategic Thinking for Marketing and Sales

5 Minutes With Charles #46 – Strategic Thinking for Marketing and Sales.  So aside from all of the computer problems for the past 2 weeks, I got to thinking about my mindset.  What I mean is the inner talks or dialogues that we all have, specifically dealing with our businesses.  Since we all get stuck in our own heads, I wanted to go in a different direction today and share my experiences with Strategic Thinking for Marketing and Sales.

First, let me share with you a little background information so you can understand my context.  A young guy, a photographer, posted about his frustrations in a private Facebook group.  Basically he stated that he was sad, he hated his job and he feared getting in front of a camera to talk.  So in other words, he is anxious about recording himself in order to grow his business.

I replied with my usual advice – just practice and practice a lot.  I told him to get in front of the camera by creating a script and memorizing it.  Also, I recommended that he look into Toastmasters International – its all about public speaking and improving your skills.  I did over 10 years ago and I can attest that the skills I developed there truly do help!

But another guy, Christopher James Perilli, shared a story that I talk about in my video.  The best part about Christopher’s story is that I have never thought of public speaking the way he did.  So spoiler alert – don’t be selfish!  You have a message that people need to here, that they want to hear and by being shy, you are being selfish.  You may have a story or an idea that can change people’s lives, but you are too worried about you and not your audience.

Strategic Thinking for Personal and Professional Growth

My short video is only just scratching the surface of that gigantic truth!  When you are too busy in your head worried about how you look or sound, you are robbing others of your genius.  Give yourself a gut-check and focus on your audience instead.  That’s what I do.

Does that make sense to you?  You could just save a lot of time and money by just having my agency do all the heavy lifting for you.  We create marketing that gets your phone ringing with people that want your stuff.  It’s just that simple!  Hire us.

Strategic Thinking that produces results, Charles E. Snyder III Marketing - Direct Response Marketing Services
Strategic Thinking that produces results, Charles E. Snyder III Marketing – Direct Response Marketing Services

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