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More On Business Blogging

More On Business Blogging5 Minutes With Charles #10. Since posting the last article and video in this category, there have been a lot of questions. 5 Blogging Facts has shown that there is a real need to blog for your business to increase sales. Also, it helps to boost your search engine results ranking too.

More On Business Blogging - 5 Minutes With Charles #10 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

No Google love?

But driving more traffic isn’t the only benefit of creating more content for your website. It establishes you as a leader in your industry and it helps to build trust for you, your business, and your brand. So here is some more information as well as one shining example that demonstrates that business blogs produce results.

The struggling volunteer fire department

Back in 2010, there was a volunteer fire department in a small Pennsylvania town. They were struggling to make money to meet their operational needs as well as recruiting more members. So I offered my skills and expertise, pro bono.

Their website was a mess, they had no blog and their traffic was mostly from their own members. In a nutshell, their website and social media only appealed to their limited membership and not much more. Which is why their monthly traffic was less than 100 visits per month.

Fast forward to one year later, their website was completely redesigned and included a “business” blog. Since the website appealed to more than just a handful of firefighters, their fundraisers were drawing bigger crowds and they were recruiting more members. Because their website now appealed to the community that they serve.

So when I handed the reigns of that project over entirely to their members, they were receiving nearly 10,000 visits per month and still growing.

More On Business Blogging: the takeaway

The takeaway here is that blogging works to drive more traffic to your website and offers. The other aspect of that fire department’s success was gearing their content to be of interest to their community, not just their membership. So the same can just as easily apply to just about any small business too.

For example, as of the editing of this article in January 2021, our own website traffic has grown from about 1,200 per month to nearly 12,000! And that was just from the work we’ve done during 2020.

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging today, it works.

More On Business Blogging5 Minutes With Charles #10
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