Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

With 2017 winding down fast, we wanted to get some updates out and wish you Happy New Year 2018!  As far as updates go, we made a few of them available already and there are even more to come.  Just a few days ago we published a new video on our Company Info page, introducing our agency and we are also adding new content.

In fact, I have been working on quite a few things behind the scenes, but more on that later.  Enjoy the latest “5 Minutes With Charles” video and be safe out there!

Happy New Year 2018 from C. E. Snyder Marketing LLC!

As I mentioned in the video, there is a lot happening and there are going to be even more updates.  Coming soon, there will be some changes to our website, our content and our social media pages.  Specifically, some of our old site content is going to be retired and replaced with better content.  No worries, the old stuff isn’t going away completely and we are going to re-publish most of it in videos.

New Year Resolutions

Also, I mentioned and hinted at even more good stuff coming for 2018.  The biggest of which is finally getting a marketing case study published.  But equally important is my “2020 Vivid Vision” for my company and making it publicly available.  Of course there are more goals and milestones to be set and achieved.  But here is a partial list, in no particular order, of our resolutions and goals for 2018:

But that’s just a few of them off of the top of my head.  All of our goals are for one single reason, to help and benefit you.  So be safe and when you are ready to make 2018 your year, we’ll be here.  Happy New Year 2018!

PLEASE NOTE: The “5 Minute With Charles” video series ended with the 50th episode on Charles’ 50th birthday. Coincidence? So anyway, we retired them in favor of our new 1 Minute Marketing Tips and Charles Snyder Raw series of articles and videos.