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Do Your Marketing Homework

Do Your Marketing Homework5 Minutes With Charles #5. Don’t you just absolutely hate cold-calling strangers? Because you know most of it is a waste of time. Also, the people you are calling hate it too. So nobody is really happy about cold-calling, making them, or receiving them.

Do Your Marketing Homework - 5 Minutes With Charles #5 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Cold-calling sucks!

However, if you are going to market that way, you can increase your odds of success at least a little bit. But first, you have to do some research into the people and businesses you are calling. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting a lot of your time and theirs.

The shotgun (spam) method

So if you’re like most people, you don’t want to waste your time. Also, you’re probably like most people; you get annoyed when telemarketers call you and waste your time. For example, you get calls about extending your new car warranty when you don’t have one. Or paying off non-existent student loans.

Those are just two of the hundreds or thousands of time-wasting calls that happen every day. Some lazy marketer somewhere decides to throw a bunch of crap against the wall to see what sticks. That is what’s called the “shotgun” or spamming method.

So again, to put it into perspective for you, when was the last time you knew of anyone excited to receive email or phone spam? Are you thinking of something that rhymes with never?

Do Your Marketing Homework: a better way

You may already know that there better (and more effective) ways of marketing. But at the least, if you are going to call businesses, make sure you are offering something that they want. So do a little research before you call or email a business.

One example is from my own personal experiences. I cannot count how many times I get calls, messages, or emails from someone selling some form of Digital Marketing Services. However, if they had taken just a few seconds to research my company they wouldn’t currently be on my permanent ignore list. Plus there is also the time they just wasted, wasting my time.

Maybe instead you put up some ads and ask people if they are interested in your offer. Additionally, you can spend more of your time working with people that want to hear from you. And that leads to a much more positive entrepreneurial way of running your business.

Do Your Marketing Homework5 Minutes With Charles #5
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