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Create A Solid Foundation

Create A Solid Foundation5 Minutes With Charles #8. Are you wondering what the easiest way is to drive more traffic to your website and offers? Well, you’re not alone, most small business owners are stressing over the same thing. But you don’t have to stress like that too.

Create A Solid Foundation - 5 Minutes With Charles #8: The Digital Marketing Ninja

Content is the key to success

Let’s cut right to the bottom line; content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and digital marketing all depend upon content. So you need content to market your brand and products or services online. Because even SEO and getting backlinks all hinge on your content.

The 4 corners of content marketing

If you have been in business or marketing for any length of time, you’ve likely heard “Content is king.” But maybe you’ve heard it so much that it has lost some of its meaning. So here are the four corners of any digital marketing strategy, that is likely to be around for a long time to come:

  • Your content is your message and your message is your content. Your message is the words, images, and videos that you use to sell your stuff as well as how it will benefit your customers. So a blank page or a bland, vanilla message will never sell anything.
  • Content is communication. Communication with your audience and potential customers, informing them about your brand, your products, or your services. Also, it conveys important information, engages your audience, and keeps them on your website and landing pages longer.
  • Content adds value. So for your content to matter to your audience, it also needs to be useful to them. Of course, that also means giving away some of your advice and expertise for free. But it demonstrates value, builds trust, and shows them that you are “on their side.”
  • Search engines love content. SEO is driven by content. So your search engine placement is dependent on your content. But more importantly, your placement is determined by how highly informative your content is.

Create A Solid Foundation: just do it!

Sharing great content is a no-brainer that produces results. So over the course of time, your audience will grow relative to the amount of content that you have. Also, you will gain a lot more opportunities for making sales when your audience perceives your content as having value.

Create A Solid Foundation5 Minutes With Charles #8
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