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Content Marketing

Content Marketing5 Minutes With Charles #2. In this episode, you will build upon the previous one, Search Engine Optimization – 5 Minutes With Charles #1. Also, you need to get obsessed with creating content. Because as you may recall, you need at least some content to have your website indexed by any of the search engines.

Content Marketing - 5 Minutes With Charles - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Content is king!

Business blogging is a great way for you to create more content. It helps drive more traffic to your website and websites with active blogs can see as much as 400% more pages indexed. So ultimately more traffic and search results means more people find your business and your offers.

Also, blogging about your business and products or services is known as Content Marketing.

Gaining industry authority

So as you begin to blog about your business and your offers, you also begin to establish yourself as a thought leader. Quite simply, you are establishing authority in your industry or preferably, your niche market. Because the further down into a niche you go, the much more likely that you will be seen and heard.

Additionally, niching down also means that there is less noise or more specifically, less competition. So you shouldn’t worry about being the best in your market or industry. But you should focus on being the only one.

For example, instead of just being another blogger covering wrestling, focus on a niche. Thumb-wrestling would be a tighter niche. Going even deeper, you could be blogging about Professional Thumb-Wrestling (if there is such a thing). Or you could blog about Sumo-Thumb-Wrestling, Mixed-Martial-Arts Thumb-Wrestling, or even Amish-Thumb-Wrestling.

It doesn’t matter as long as it relates to your business, products, or services. So your only limit is that of your own creativity and beliefs.

Content Marketing: get blogging!

Would you like some straight-up business honesty? Yes?

All this bullshit about SEO, landing pages, links, and getting more traffic for free will NEVER work without content. Ever!

So all of the crap you see about getting a boatload of traffic for free or for a little money is a lie. It is someone looking to separate a lot of suckers from their money. Don’t let that be you!

Content Marketing5 Minutes With Charles #2
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