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Are Backlinks Relevant?

Are Backlinks Relevant5 Minutes With Charles #33. So there always seem to be more questions about SEO and backlinks. Maybe you have some questions on your mind as well. But either way links back to your website and blog are even more important than they ever were.

Are Backlinks Relevant - 5 Minutes With Charles #33 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

SEO: The more you know!

Also, there still seems to be some confusion about content and SEO. So hopefully this will clarify the need for content; YES, you need it! You need content or the search engines will rank your page and website lower. Or quite possibly not at all.

You have to have content!

Content creation is addressed in many articles and videos here. For example, this is just a small sample:

In fact, about one-half of our free content deals with content creation and how it relates to SEO, online marketing, and social media. But here’s the biggest question you need to ask yourself. When it comes to SEO, backlinks, etc. what are you optimizing if you have little or no content?

Are Backlinks Relevant: content and links

So if you need content for SEO, the same applies to getting backlinks too. Otherwise, what are people going to link to, more links? It simply doesn’t work like that and it’s a good way to get your website blacklisted by the different search engines.

Even that has been addressed here several times, most recently in the previous episode. Link Schemes and SEO – 5 Minutes With Charles #32.

But the biggest takeaway here should be that you have to have content. Because content is what your audience, your potential customers, want to see and consume. Without content, everything else is a fool’s errand and a waste of your time.

Are Backlinks Relevant5 Minutes With Charles #33
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