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5 Blogging Facts

5 Blogging Facts5 Minutes With Charles #9. So as a follow-up to the previous article and video, Create A Solid Foundation, you need to know some facts about blogs. But first thing first, if you don’t have a business blog, you may want to get one. Also, if you have one but don’t add content often, you may wish to rethink that too.

5 Blogging Facts - 5 Minutes With Charles #9 - The Digital Marketing Ninja

Content drives results!

In the words of Google, if you have a website but don’t blog, consider creating one. Because a business blog is a great way to connect with people that are interested in your products or services. Plus, they are easy to create and update with rich and useful content.

Creating great content

Write great stuff and do it often. Because a frequently updated website encourages people to come back for more. But only if your content remains engaging and is relevant to their interest or needs. Also, it is better to only post a few times a week with awesome content as opposed to daily crap.

Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. So that when it comes to images, videos, and other rich media, you’re not missing important ingredients. Additionally, when it comes to building your search engine ranking and links back to your website, you’ll want to follow the rules.

Organize your content with labels and tags. Because it makes it easier for visitors to your site to navigate to something of interest. So the same goes for search engine spiders as well.

5 Blogging Facts: a primer

  1. Less than 40% of all U.S.-based businesses use blogging as a means for driving more traffic to their website, products, and/or services.
  2. Businesses that blog regularly (several times a week) average 55% more website traffic than their competition that doesn’t have or use a blog.
  3. Business-to-Consumer (B2C) websites that blog average 88% more sales leads each month versus that do not blog.
  4. Business-to-Business (B2B) websites that blog average 67% more sales leads per month compared to those that do not.
  5. In 2015, nearly 71% of consumers surveyed stated that blog content influenced their buying decisions.

Do you see the need for an active business blog now?

5 Blogging Facts5 Minutes With Charles #9
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