Why Free Traffic Sucks

Welcome to Episode #30 – Why Free Traffic Sucks!  As I mentioned previously in Episode #26 – Free vs Paid Traffic, I will choose paid traffic every time, from now until the day I die.  In this episode, I discuss the reasons why free traffic sucks.  Because alone, free traffic pretty much sucks for getting customers, especially when no one knows about your company.  Never mind trying to grow your business and scale up using free website traffic.  Watch the video and check it out!

But just think about that for a few minutes.  If no one knows who you are or anything about your business, no one is going to really care either.  So on the off chance that your product or service may be what someone is looking for, good luck.  You are not likely to get the sale with cold traffic.  But if you take the time to develop brand awareness with paid marketing, now your free shit might start meaning something.

There’s a lot more where that came from

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